Hydrated Lime Plant


Hydrated Lime Plant


The Hydrated lime is a white dry powder having a wide range of applications both in Civil and Industrial sectors.

It is obtained by adding water to the quicklime: this process is called hydration.

The chemical reaction tacking place in the process of hydration, or quicklime slaking, is performed according to the chemical formula:

Cao    + H2o =       Ca(OH)2

The Blitzco Hydrator Type S includes the following equipment:

  • Weigh feeder
  • Duplex mixer
  • Seasoning chamber
  • Dust collector

At the Hydrator outlet the product is already a dry powder ready for the classification.

The vapors are cleaned with a dry system before discharging into atmosphere.

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Technical Data

  • Capacity from: 3 TpH to 30 TpH
  • Lime & Dolomitic Lime
  • Residual moisture : < 0,8%
  • Suitable fineness for chemical and building applications
  • Fully auotmatic operation
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