Carbon Free Shaft Kiln

Carbon Free lime and Dolomite Shaft Kiln Plant


The unwanted consequences of global warming are undeniable these days.The direct or indirect greenhouse gas emission from industries is one of the major emission sources.

CO2 is the main greenhouse gas emission produced from anthropogenic activities.

Lime production is one of the major industries emitting direct CO2 in the atmosphere through their production process.Calcined lime and hydrated lime have a wide application range in other industries such as cement, steel, copper, agriculture, etc.

One of the methods to reduce CO2 emissions in the lime production process is the direct separation of CO2 from the calcination process.The separated CO2 can be subsequently utilized as an added-value by-product. 

Blitzco GmbH is developing an innovative design for CFK and dolomite with zero CO2 production.Within this design, in the CFK shaft kiln, pure CO2 resulting from the calcination process can be directly separated at the outlet and be further processed and liquefied for further use.


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