Ventilator – CPAP 

How we are helping to COVID 19 Patients 

Ventilator-CPAP Continuous positive airway pressure

Easy to use. Easy setup
For Hospital and Home care
Portable/Low cost

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we are much glad to propose a new design of a ventilator which can be furnished at a lower cost, easy to use, and integrated into the hospital ICU centers and at home to support COVID-19 patients.

The unit is designed to support standard ventilator modes of the operations, most importantly PRVC (pressure regulated volume control), and SIMV-pc (synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation) modes.

The unit is in the prototyping stage, and so is not yet an approved medical device.

Hence it is presented here to gather fast feedbacks for development according to experiences of COVID-19 treatments.

Most such devices have a close cycle of airflow which means returning flow from the patient to the device whereas contaminated with the virus through the closed cycle. Therefore the virus can again return to the patient’s body as well. Due to this, it requires to use of antivirus filtration.

On the other hand, in order to use the device for others, it would be recommended strongly to employ another special handling not to spread the virus as well.

Ventilator devices are usually being used in ICUs by nurses, and there would be any failure alarm the mask should be removed quickly to give help to the patient to have to breathe normally.

Due to recent pandemic in many countries around the world, there isn’t enough ICU facilities and expert nurses for all COVID-19 patients.

V1 could be the best solution

V1 is very easy to use, simple to set up, portable, low cost, and it is suitable for hospital centers and home care.

V1 helps to set time for inhaling and exhale airflow simply. In any kind of failure such as a power outage, airflow cut off, it is not necessary to remove the patient mask quickly and would be able to breathe as well normally.

V1 does not have any return of the airflow cycle through the patient to the device.

Consequently, there would not be any chance the device can be infected by the contagious virus.

V1 has a facility for oxygen therapy so that patients are able to be exposed easily under a breathing mask.

Meanwhile, SPO2% and heart rate PRBMP data are available in portable sensors connecting to the patient’s finger.