Hollow Fiber


The Hollow fiber spinline is used to produce hollow fiber membranes via a dry-wet immersion precipitation phase separation process. The fibers are spun by co-extruding a polymer solution and an internal coagulant into a water containing coagulation bath.

Blitzco is currently producing hollow fiber spinning machine.

The simple efficient and innovative technology makes Blitzco to become a leading reputable in this field.

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Gas Separation

The membrane gas separation is an innovative technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness in wide spectacular applications comprising advanced power generation concepts and chemical synthesis processes.

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Chlor Alkali Setup

The Chlor-Alkali process is an industrial process for the electrolysis of Sodium Chloride Solution. Depending on the method, several products besides Hydrogen can be produced are separated chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) is the products; by mixing Sodium hypochlorite or Sodium chlorate are produced, depending on the temperature. The most common Chlor-Alkali process involves the electrolysis of aqueous Sodium chloride in a membrane cell.

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