Since its founding in United Kingdom in 2010, Blitzco Company supplies laboratory and pilot plants scale equipments for universities and research institutes in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical fields. Blitzco mainly offers wide variety services to enable the researchers and professionals using more and faster testing facilities and techniques in scale down size to come up with difficulties in real situations. Blitzco solutions and its modular processes allow companies and institutes to prevent increasing of costs and possible failures of real size.


Safe design and engineering are our main responsibilities. We keep delivering safety in each facet of detail design to our customers. In all of our products, pilots and setups safety concept is considered decisively.


Quality is not an accident; Blitzco faithfully sticks to this fact. We are required to ensure our customer expectation and captured its satisfaction. Wide range of our spectacular pilot plans, Setups, and modular products are delivered to our customer in a high quality level.


Presenting and delivering our products for a competitive price is our main concern. We incorporate value engineering foremost matter into basic and detail design in order to provide our customer with high quality and reasonable price simultaneously.


Reaching harmonic environmental, social and financial dimensions to attain and deliver sustainability products to customer is our object. Blitzco strives to incorporate sustainable principals within its pilots and setups to contribute Earth saving project and ensure customer loyalty.



R&D (research & Development) department plays an integral role in the success of a business & the life cycle of a product.

The Blitzco R&D function is concerned with developing new products looking at the future needs & improving existing products.